Traverse City, MI

Cherries, cherries  and more cherries! If  you did not know, Traverse City, Michigan is known for their cherries. I had the privilege of travelling there during the Cherry Festival which runs from July 4th to July 11th. It is also common to run into some celebrities who either perform at the event or make special appearances. This year, I saw Joan Jett and the Blackhearts as well as Foghat perform and got a few autographs from previous NFL stars.


Can anyone guess what the above image is? When driving in from the airport to the hotel, I noticed this odd object on the side of the road. I knew it had some significance but never did I think the largest cherry pie was baked in that thing. I wish i could go back in time to 1987 to get my own slice of cherry pie history.


See I wasn’t lying! They are serious about their cherries.


These pictures are taken from the Grand Traverse Pie Company which have the most amazing pies in so many delicious flavours. One of the things I want to do before I die is to try all of them pies.


Not to brag or anything but I was seated at the VIP section. Slow ride, take it easy!

IMG_1574                   IMG_1576

Here are pics of the festival and my husband having ribs. No surprise there :p


Last but not least, here I am in front of the water enjoying my cherries. Until we meet again Traverse City.