The Big Apple

No, I am not referring to New York City in this post but an actual big apple on the side of the 401 in Ontario. On my way back to Montreal from Toronto, my husband and I have now made it a tradition to stop by The Big Apple about an hour out of Toronto. It is a good spot to stop by if you have a sweet tooth. They have a candy store and, as the name suggests, anything apples. Different kinds of apple pie, apple jam, fresh apples, apple bread… Here is a picture of them making the fresh pies right in front of you as you enter through the main doors.


It is even a great place for families since they have a petting zoo, mini-golf and you can even climb inside the huge apple structure which can be seen from the highway.


The address is 262 Orchard Rd, Cramahe, ON K0K 1S0 if you ever find yourself driving east of Toronto. Another suggestion is their main meals like the pulled pork and ribs are not too amazing but they do hit the spot. What they are good at is anything apple, so if you are an apple fan, I highly recommend you to spot by. When I went in the beginning of August 2015, they already have sold 5,378,792 apple pies!