Portland, ME

As our annual road trip this year, my hubby and I decided to go to Portland, Maine.  Amy Schumer has a skit where all of her friends dream of opening a bakery in Portland Maine and God forbid you dream of opening one in Portland Oregon. After watching that, I expected Portland to have many great bakeries and boy did it not disappoint. One of my favourite ones is The Standard Baking Co. I wish I stayed in Portland long enough to try out all their treats.


IMG_1670                         IMG_1669

IMG_1681                         IMG_1682


I took some pictures of their display. They only keep items that sell more often in the display to give them quickly to customers. Otherwise, they go in the back and get the item you ordered. For example, I ordered a blueberry rustic tart and on the picture above there are only two pies. That is for aesthetic reasons only or else their display would look too crowded. Another item I highly suggest, if you are a chocoholic like me, is the chunky chocolate rye. This bakery is so popular that coffee shops order their food to sell in their shops.

Moving on, to donuts now. If you try to keep away from them because they are really unhealthy, then I have a solution for you: The Holy Donut. They make their donuts from potatoes and it feels less heavy once consumed. For more of a twist, they have funky flavours like bacon and cheddar donut and green tea donut. Look for this sign next time you are in Portland. And next to that is the donut I had. It was chocolate sea salt ?

IMG_1676                       IMG_1672

Another place we went where I had the most amazing pizza ever is the Flatbread Company. Everything about their pizza is amazing. You even see them cooking the pizza in front of you in their old school fire pit.


Overall, I really enjoyed what Portland Maine had to deliver. They are very conscientious about locally grown food and support local businesses. Below are pictures of my hubby and I next to the most photographed lighthouse in the United States in Cape Elizabeth.